Saturday, October 22, 2016

Clowns Are Scary; Pig Farmers Aren't

Halloween is approaching fast and with it murderous clowns, superstitions and the tale of La Llorona scaring children off the streets and into their homes before the sun sets. Hocus Pocus, The Hills Have Eyes, The Evil Dead and more will be playing on TV screens across America. Lucky for us, we know that the events in these movies are not real. We may cuddle up close to our crush or sleep with a baseball bat next to the bed for a few days, but for the most part, the terror is over when the credits roll. Not all scary things have to do with Halloween though. In the agricultural industry, people just like you and I are scared about the safety and quality of their food. Hot topics such as GMO's, hormones, anti-biotics and more can cause quite a scare in the consumer sector. But just as the scary ends when the credits roll for a movie, we can take the terror out of agriculture by thinking with our heads and not our imagination. There are many scary rumors going around about pig farming. These rumors include that there is antibiotic residue in the meat we buy in the stores, that pig farmers do not care about their animals, sows are kept pregnant and in farrowing crates their entire life and that we would all be better off if nobody raised pigs. Take a look at this infographic that I put together and decide for yourself!
Take the Scary out of Pig farming #realpigfarming Clowns are scary;...
Still think pig farmers are scary? Check out this link to put a personable face to the job!

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