Friday, October 7, 2016

National Pork Month is Finally Here!

The nights are getting colder, pumpkin spice is overwhelming the market and the smell of bacon is in the air. Wait, what? Yes folks, that's right; bacon. Amongst the many things that the month of October brings us; pumpkin spice, jack-o-lanterns, s'mores by the fire, hay rides, Halloween, etc, pork products are more than worthy of being added to the list because October is National Pork Month! While this gives me an excuse to eat bacon 31 days in a row, it also gives me a chance to tell the #realpigfarming stories of my friends, families and mentors whose way of life centers around raising happy, healthy pigs. Although we now have access to delicious pork products such as bacon, pork chops, sausage and ribs year round, we were not always so blessed. October is the official month of pork because this is the time of year that pigs were traditionally taken to market. Even though we no longer have a season specific market, our farmers are still committed to producing a quality product every single day. Here are some creative ways to celebrate National Pork Month, and don't forget to thank a farmer for all that they and their families do to keep food in front of mine and yours.
1. Take a Virtual Farm Tour
Pig farmers cannot let you into their barns because it would increase the risk of disease and harm to their pigs. There is also the chance for undercover videos that have been twisted to put farmers in a bad light to be filmed. Virtual tours are a great way see what goes on while still keeping the pigs safe and healthy. Check out this link to get you started.

2. Eat Bacon Pumpkin Quinoa
Combine the best of both worlds with this yummy treat! It's healthy, easy to make, and best of all it has bacon! Not quite your speed? Try these other 27 unique ways to eat bacon.

3. Write a Thank You Letter to a Farmer
National Pork Month is really a celebration of the pig farmers who continue to grow a quality product for us to enjoy. Real pig farmers do not expect a reward for their hard work; healthy pigs is reward enough. However, a good old fashioned thank you letter never hurt a soul. Let them know how much we appreciate them! Get started on your own thank you letter with one of these templates.

4. Change Your Social Media Profile Picture
Let your friends and family know that you are celebrating National Pork Month by adding #RealPigFarming to your social media profile pictures. You can find the link here.
But do not stop at your own picture! Feel free to share this link and encourage others to show their support of our nation's bacon growers.

5. Ask Questions
Not familiar with pig farming? Let us answer your questions by using the #realpigfarming link. Simply ask your questions, add the hashtag and wait for one of our pig farming experts or communication specialists to answer your questions. Can't figure out myth from fact for anti-biotics, feed additives, growth hormones or animal welfare practices? No problem! We are always more than happy to help. Here is a quick link to get you started.

You can find more creative ways to celebrate National Pork Month by following this link.

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